Hello, we are trying to get a better understanding about what people value about their homes. Please help us buy answering a couple of questions.
Let's get started
First things first, what is your name?

Thank you {{answer_Q4LFc14SFo9m}}, that is a really nice name. What country are you from?

And if you don't mind us asking, in what city do you live?

What city would you want to live in if you could rent or buy there?

What would best describe your situation?

If you want to tell us your age select other and type your age.

Cool, We are going to ask you a series of questions around the concept of homes, answer as many questions you can/want!

Are you currently renting an apartment?

How much do you pay in rent?

Please write in your local currency or the rough value in euros.
{{answer_Q4LFc14SFo9m}}, If you could would you want to rent another apartment in {{answer_e3t3IQanThTx}}?

{{answer_Q4LFc14SFo9m}}, If you could would you want to buy an apartment?

How many bedrooms would you want?

How big apartment would you prefer?

What would be your ideal monthly rent?

Do you like the idea of co-living or having access to shared communal spaces?

We love people and doing things with others. Below is a list of things we like, please select the ones you value.

Chose as many as you want, in no specific order.

Would you like if the place came with some furniture and appliances?

How important is interior design?

How Important is Architecture?

How important is environmental sustainability?

How important is good access to high-speed internet?

How important is it to have a "smart home"?

How important is it to have good connection with public transportation?

How important is it to be in a vibrant neighbourhood, with access to restaurants and shops?

How important is it to live in a C02 free (carbon free) home?

A fully self-sustainable home, with a net zero effect of carbon emissions.
{{answer_Q4LFc14SFo9m}}, what are the most important things to have in your apartment?

Feel free to just type out things you find valuable. Could be big things, or small things.
How does it sound if we said you could pay a flat rate monthly rent. And by doing that you would have the possibility to move to another city where we had apartments and the rent would still be the same?

Example. You rent a 30 sqm apartment in Copenhagen, but you want to live in Barcelona for 6 months, so you simply move there and still pay the same monthly rent.
If we said that you could add another 30 sqm to your apartment whenever based on your personal needs, or subtract that same space if it was redundant. Is this something you would find interesting?

Thank you so much {{answer_Q4LFc14SFo9m}} for your time. If you know anyone that would be interested in helping us know more about the current landscape, please share this survey with them.
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